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Immunoadsorption techniques can prevent a decline in kidney function in cases of autoimmune disease or where cross-barrier transplantation is required.

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In severe cases of autoimmune disease with extremely itchy skin and painful blistering, immunoadsorption can present an effective treatment option.

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In the field of neurology, immunoadsorption offers new methods for treating autoimmune diseases ranging from myasthenia gravis to Alzheimer’s.

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Severe cardiological diseases can lead to functional loss of the organ and other life-threatening conditions. Immunoadsorption and lipoprotein apheresis offer effective treatment options for some of these conditions.

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Immunoadsorption is a potent and flexible method for removing autoantibodies from the patient’s blood. It can be applied across a wide range of diseases.

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Lipoprotein apheresis aims to substantially reduce high cholesterol levels and other harmful lipoproteins in the patient’s bloodstream by using direct adsorption or filtration technologies.

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Therapeutic apheresis

What is therapeutic apheresis?

Therapeutic apheresis is an extracorporeal blood purification procedure that removes harmful pathogens, chemicals or cells from the patient’s blood or plasma. This yields benefits in a variety of medical conditions, including metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases. In contrast to conventional therapies, no foreign substances are added to the patient’s blood. Instead, pathogenic agents are eliminated in a sophisticated extracorporeal circuit. The blood is returned to the patient’s body immediately after purification.


Therapeutic apheresis…

includes a variety of medical techniques, such as complete plasma exchange or the adsorption of specific plasma components. These can be applied as the clinical indication demands. Thanks to our adsorbers and many years of experience with extracorporeal methods, Fresenius Medical Care provides high quality and versatile treatment alternatives for a wide range of disorders – alternatives that can improve patients’ quality of life.

Medical techniques of therapeutic apheresis